Sunday, 26 April 2009

Promotion day at Ham House

Promotion day at Ham was a productive and fun day out as we successfully spread the word about our project and performance. We had various activities in order to attract the young people allowing us a chance to inform them and their guardians about our show. We had drama games which were conducted by Emma C and Rosie as well as the rest of us helped out in guiding the young people if we noticed them getting lost or simply needed support as some of them were slightly shy. We also had poi teaching with Dan and Amir and face painting driven by Carolina and Emma H.
I initially was part of the drama games group, but I got fascinated by the face painting, I never ever face painted before so I did not feel very confident in taking the risk of performing something that I had no training or skill beforehand. But as Carolina and Emma H, joined in with the games there were no one to fill in for the face painting stall, and as I was taking a break a group of young people approached me and asked to get their face painted, which brought me to complete panic, so I got a hold of my self and thought to myself that I should just get on with it. So I asked Luisa to help me out as there were a lot of children who wanted their face painted. I than got back to my first attempt at face painting, and asked the young girl what was hr name and what she wanted me to paint on her face, she was not so sure this made me feel so much better and a lot more relaxed as there was no pressure. So I thought about the easiest and straight forward thing to paint this being a butterfly. During the face painting I came across great and wonderful young people at the same time telling them about our show.

After my first ever face painting I no longer played games and simply carried on painting for at least an hour and a half, this teaching various ways of painting different things. This dragging out my creativity and communication skills as the I felt the best way to relax the young people was through communication in order to both have an enjoyable experience as well as the opportunity in getting to know the weird and wonderful minds of young people. Even though I spent hours in face painting it was a complete enjoyable experience which made time pass do rapid that I was not even aware of it passing. Not only I learned to face paint on the job, we also managed to receive a few donations as some guardians felt the need to contribute towards our hard work. I really enjoyed the day at Ham House it was a wonderful educational experience for both my self and the young people as well as a letting the public know about our project.

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