Monday, 27 April 2009

Reharsal process

Rehearsing for the 'Golden Travellers' is an absolute pleasure as it brought the group to serious friendship and banter. I feel that the rehearsals conducted by Emma C and Rosie are very constructive and beneficial towards the final performance. I particularly feel that the voice training is extremely helpful as it made me realise the significance of using ones voice properly, and in the case of our performance, voice is vital in producing a good peace of theatre due to the fact that it will be performed in park grounds therefore one would need to secure audience attention by having good projection along with a prepared and developed character.
I am very glad that we had the opportunity to influence our character to high extent as most of our character development came via improvisation, and than altered by Rosie and Emma C. I found this style of rehearsing very useful as it challenged my knowledge about my character as well as giving me the opportunity to play around with various ways of representing my character.
I found that I worked better when I improvised rather than when I worked with the script, as I felt restricted and unable to play around in the development of (Queen Scarlet). As well as feeling a lot more in charge of my character as I sank better in Scarlet's skin.
Once I experienced this freedom I than was able to work from a script as I had a better understanding of the way I had to pronounce the lines, this fully bringing Scarlet's nature to life.
On various rehearsals my location changed a few times as the park is going through building time. Even so this gave me the opportunity to adapt and accept the changes and simply go along with them. I have recently got the rest of my companions these being my water nymph helpers these being three second year students, which massively improved the quality of the scene as it gave me something to bounce off which helps to reveal the nature of my character better.All in all the rehearsal process has been a success as well as a massive improvement on the show and my character.

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