Monday, 27 April 2009

The Drama in the Community Experience!

The Drama in the Community experience was amazingggggggggggggg!!!
I have the chance and the opportunity to experience such weird and wonderful things. I've always wanted to get involved in community work. I think that my interest and aspiration in being in the big community project came from seeing 'Exodus' production which took featured in Margate. This being a huge scale community production which involved a large number of individuals, this bringing a pleasant and inspiring community spirit which allured me towards the big community project.
As it gave me the opportunity to go into schools and do workshops with the young students in order to get inspiration for our show as well as building a partnership with the schools in order to get them to be part of our audiences. In addition being able to work on a fundraising team, this making me aware of the demands and expectations that go towards a successful fund raising team, not only that I also gained and improved on various skills which before the project did not fully posses fully, due this module I learned various ways techniques in dealing with different circumstances which opposed towards the progress of the fundraising team.
Furthermore I not only gained various skills but also the privilege in preforming in the final production by playing the most magical, beautiful and fantastic character, this being the Water Nymph queen.
Finally being part of an amazing, wonderful and amusing group of people, this bringing me to a sudden sadness of realising that once the project will be terminate our time together will no longer continue. On the other hand I'm very happy to say that it was good whilst it lasted.I feel through the Drama in the Community project I came to get on with fellow colleagues that I did not really had any interaction with, but the story has now completely changed as we all built a strong platform of interaction and appreciation for one another. I personally think that this project not only gave the Hounslow community the chance get closer together but also brought our group closer as well.
Therefore I think that any one who is thinking about what module to take next year one should consider The Drama in the Community big project as it offers many aspects of theatre which enables one to be a better practitioner in the future as it enables one with various aspects of experience alongside being great funnnnnnn.

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