Sunday, 26 April 2009

Egyptian Night at the SU

Egyptian night was an utter success in raising over £500, through all the different thematic stalls such as the entry fee monitored by Kathleen, Emma C, Emma H, shisha which was looked after by Amir and myself, the henna conducted by Sonu and Anita as well as palm reading driven by Carolina, Rosie and Emma H. The entertainment was looked after by Luisa, which included of belly dancing, St Mary's dance group, fire dancing and Live music.
I feel that everyone worked extremely hard in making this night possible. As the rest of the group monitored the back door which included Hardeep, Matt and Dan, in making sure that people would not come in with ought paying the fee entry. Overall it was a busy successful night.

I feel that the preparation for the Egyptian night was through the means of frequent meetings.
I think that the Egyptian night was a very popular and enjoyable subject which was occasionally talked about. This helping us construct the different ways of raising money. We luckily did not need to invest any of the Drama in the community budget for the Egyptian Night as all the components that we needed to make the Night possible were through donations and favours. The Shisha pipes were provided by Amir and my self, the coal and flavours were provided by Amir and Emma H. The henna was also free and the entertainment was done as a favour to support the Night. Therefore we did not spend any of the original budget and profited with ought making any investment on the night. There were no particular problems that we were faced with in which jeopardised the success of the night, just that it would be even better if u had a better turn out as it would of improve the profit of the night.
In addition I feel that some people made the effort in dressing up for the theme which improved the presentation of the night and decorating the Su improved the seriousness of the event as well as it made it a lot more official, I personally took a lot of pride in making the Su live up to the theme. The material was very useful in making the Su come alive as well as having the Egyptian posters provided by Suzie was very useful as it made a bigger impact and contrasted the material placed around the Su.
I think that getting the Su ready was a smooth and rapid process as everyone helped out which made the process of it move very fast, this meaning that team work was at it's highest.
Overall I really felt proud being one of the coordinators of the Su night as it brought on a lot of responsibility and running about in making sure everything was going right.
I feel that both Luisa and myself worked really hard in keeping the night from falling apart as well as the rest of the group. Even though I was on the helping out with shisha I made sure that everything was going right this was through reporting to everyone in case of any problems.
Working on the shisha was an absolute pleasure, at first I was quite nervous whether we would have any costumers. So my self and Amir decided that the best way to get people interested was by actually going up to groups and advertise the best way we could in order to get a positive response. Amir and my self decided that I should take on this role as Amir monitored the shisha pipes. At first I was very nervous and shy about going up to people and asking them if they wanted to do shisha, but I after a few attempts I began to get very confident and began to enjoy doing it, this managed to bring a lot of costumers which than attracted other people, and ended up not having enough shisha's to go round so we came up with a Que list. Our prices also changed through out the night as the night and demands for the shisha progressed we began to raise our prices also which contributed towards the DIC budget. It was a tiring, demanding and stressful night but compensated by the utter enjoyment team work.

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