Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Last Workshop at Alexander Junior School

Over the four weeks I really looked forward to Fridays not only because it was the last day before the weekend began lol, but because of the set workshops at Alexander school.
I had the R&B group or the RNB as the pupils want to call it, even though I made it clear to them that it stood for Rhythmic Blues, one of the young pupil's contradicted that the way I wrote it down wasn't the correct way, so the solution they come up with to solve the contradiction was by resorting to the World Wide communication system 'Google'. This made me realise how times have changed so much since I was at school, and the young people of today are a lot more documented due to the Internet, is this bad or good? I would say yes and no.
Furthermore the group that I worked with was very interesting as it had both confident and non-confident pupils, but in the end I managed to balance out these qualities of the group.
I think that after my second workshop with the pupils, I become aware of the dynamics and the roles within the group. This giving me the opportunity to know the different types of approaches when problems came up . The last workshop was quite emotional as we came to realise that both ourselves and the pupil's came to a personal attachment, due to the feedback of the pupils.
The majority of the responses expressed the appreciation of the workshops and our presence, as well as their confidence being boosted, learning the different skills of story telling and the opportunity of being able to perform and the privilege of working with ourselves, this was all very overwhelming and flattering for all of us.
Finally once the feedback session ended Daisy one of the pupils which was considered as a difficult pupil to work with this being because, in the second session was taken outside by the assisting teachers to be told off, leaned over and embraced me, I came to get on with Daisy brilliantly and I had no particular difficulties, She came up with lots of great ideas maybe too many but I managed to control them. This gave me the opportunity of choice rather than no choice, as well as she stimulated her fellow colleagues to come up with ideas.
Having daisy embracing me was absolutely breathtaking as it showed a sign of appreciation of my existence in the workshops. As a result Franco also choose to embrace all of us and the rest of the pupils followed.
Emma, Rosie, Hardeep, Carolina, Maria and my self felt absolutely ecstatic, as we were all hit with an emotional state. As a result we could not stop smiling. One thing we realised as a collective was that no matter how rundown and moody we felt before the workshop, once we began we forgot about all our problems all due to pupils. Once we finished the workshops our aura completely radiated, even though before the workshop was negative.
Being around and working with young people totally enhances self appreciation, due to the fact that one can feel and see the difference, in supporting young pupils confidence through the means of 'Drama' to in order to teach a particular philosophy. Therefore I think that my great discovery to due the workshops at Alexander Junior school, is that 'Drama' is on of the most approachable techniques in teaching young people about life and the world in a fun and relaxing manner, in addition it helps young people's creativity to flourish.

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