Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Well sort of late on talking about this but I had a draft of it but never got to published it as I didn't completely finished it....so here go's my second attempt. I must say that Margate has a special place in my bag of memories. The reason being is because when I first came to London I was only ten years old. As my parents decided to get away from all the memories which brought them hart ache....my older brother's death. I was only 3 years old when he got run over at the age of 6 playing in the street, But due to the corruption in the Romanian system my brother's killer got away with murder by paying his way out of prison. Therefore my parents could not deal with the memories in the house where my brother was raised, so they sold the house where my brother was still present but not with us anymore, and moved to a country house further away from the city but as we could not brake away completely from the city as the civilisation facilities where in the city such as my school my dad's work place etc brought us near to where my brother was taken away which drove my parents to desperation of not being able to move on. They decided to live Romania and head off to a whole new world where brought them peace.
I personally wasn't very happy about it as I did not want to live all my friends and school behind I couldn't really understand why we had to always move. But I had no choice for the first six months I absolutely detested leaving in London, I was very lonely as I had no one to play with as my English was very poor. But with time secondary school helped me build my confidence in the English language day by day. The summer holidays arrived but we had nowhere to go, so my uncle suggested Margate for the weekend, as it will give us a chance to have some fun.
We certainly did it was the first place we visited whilst leaving in London the people were really friendly and welcoming. I began to change my mind about moving to London and funnily enough forgot about Romania. As well as it made my parents look at life a lot more brightly since my brother passed away, even though I was only ten going on to eleven, I noticed my parents faces getting brighter,and seeing them smiling was shocking as when we lived in Romania they always seemed to have a shadow over them, and this shadow will never disappear but tends to appear a lot more whenever we go Romania. So for me Margate plays a very special part in my life as I it brought back the smile on my parents faces.

On a lighter note 'Exodus' was an absolute brilliant production it definitely brought me back to my early times in London. As well as it made me think about what if Dreamland really existed in real life when I first went to Margate, My parents and I would also be part of the outcasts that were thrown into the land of waste. Thankfully that did not turn out for me.....But what if it did??? Whilst watching this production, I was not longer a passive audience member it made me feel really weird, as if I wasn't meant to be sitting where I was sitting. It gave me goosebumps thinking about a perfect land, because it meant that I was part of the rubbish that was messing up this 'perfect clean land to be'. But because of this production it hopefully made people a lot more aware and understanding. Phew that was a touchy entry.....

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